Second Stretch Goal Reached!!

The football stadium is unlocked. Now onto the School Nurse’s office that is more clinic than office.

We are less than $300 away from a great adventure from Silver Gryphon Games and less than $1000 away from a ton of figure flats and item cards in the same stretch goal!!

This newest unlock was due in part to a generous backer who chose to support the campaign at the “Pig Skin Patron” level. There are plenty of opportunities to have your name attached to a portion of the High School. We’ve already had another backer choose to name a classroom. Who’s next?

Ever saw a creature and thought, “That would be a great school mascot!” What about Home of the Fighting Orcs or Home of the Rabid Chubacabres? As long as it isn’t offensive or copywritten, go for it!! There is a tier for that!!

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