We may joke from time to time, but one thing we take very seriously are the folks that have supported us and their amazing products.

Here is a list of recommended links.

Beautiful Brains and Games 

Beautiful Brains Books and Games is a “virtual” store located in Conover, NC. Roleplaying game books and supplies are sold at conventions throughout the country and on their amazing website. Jodi is a great friend and will take great care of you!

Join them each Thursday for a new chat with industry leaders. 

Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, delivered fresh to your electronic desktop. Fabled Environments is proud to be a publisher on this wonderful site.

Silver Gryphon Games

Silver Gryphon Games is the creative exploration of Ben Overmyer and Kevin Rohan. These two company founders have a total of nearly 30 years of gaming experience with an amazing array of systems, styles, and rules. These guys have some amazing settings/adventures in both their own RPG, Æther, and in the Savage Worlds system.

Check these guys out! We were proud to provide maps for a couple of their great projects.

Reality Blurs 

Reality Blurs is a Memphis based game design studio founded in 2004 by Sean Preston. Our mission statement is a simple one: devise, develop, and deliver fun gaming experiences.

Sean is producing some great products so check this site out!

Scaldcrow Games

This is a great small press RPG company. T Glenn Bane and his wife, Theresa, are producing some amazing stuff.

Third Eye Games 

Started in April 2008 by Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games blends cinematic and gritty with their Dynamic Gaming System. Their first release is Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Also know as “The Savage Worlds Guys”, Pinnacle Entertainment Group has produced tons of great products including: Savage Worlds Explorers Edition, Necessary Evil and Deadlands.

This is a very versatile system with great product support!

 Accidental Survivors

These guys from Canada offer a great gaming podcast! Fabled Environments has been very lucky to serve as guest on multiple occasions.

Offensive Miniatures

This looks like a great mini site that has a variety of miniatures for RPG use. The thing that really peaked our attention was their Near Future line that features minis such as “Riot Kids” and SWAT team members.

Battle Systems

They are the makers of some amazingly flexible fantasy, modern and sci-fi cardboard terrain. We’ve used it in demos and can’t recommend it enough!!