Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water

Cover ImageFabled Environments is proud to announce a partnership with Yellow Piece Games. The result of this partnership is Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water, a Savage Worlds setting book. 

Yellow Piece Games is the creative force behind the project. They have done all of the writing and playtesting of this incredible new setting. Fabled Environments is bringing our technical expertise to the project and will also publish this book as well.

captain-WebBuccaneer: Through Hell and High Water is a setting book for Savage Worlds that brings the golden age of piracy to life. Buccaneer: THHW complements the wonderful cinematic feel of Savage Worlds by offering a gritty new ruleset for ship to ship combat, a novel encounter mechanic to capture swashbuckling chaos, ship customization and combat rules, exciting new archetypes and unique buccaneer edges/hindrances. All these elements combine to allow the players immerse themselves in the ever changing hell of the Caribbean. Rise up and set sail for the High Water Islands, fortune awaits the bold.Lusca-No Background copy

Things are a bit different from what you might remember in your history books. Sure, the seas are filled with iron men and wooden ships, but the Caribbean is also permeated with lurking darkness. The golden age of piracy is tarnished by the taint of a malevolent force lurking in the waters. What started out as a plea for help, turned into a cry for mercy.

When the people of the Caribbean could no longer bear the yoke of oppression, they turned to an ancient power that their ancestors had venerated for many generations. The spirits heard their cries and granted the people the ability to manifest miraculous powers that they could wield against their oppressors.

LogoHowever, this came with a steep price. The bond between the earth and the underworld was weakened and a fissure opened in the sea floor. From this portal poured unspeakable horrors and an unholy substance that people simply called Ichor. As the Ichor congealed, it formed an island chain called the High Water islands home to horrific creatures of legend. In our world, the buccaneer is king and their kingdom is the Sea, but evil nips at their heel. Grab your copy of the official Buccaneer Character and Ship Sheets by clicking here.

 To grab your copy of the book in .PDF or print, click here

Grab your copy of the official Buccaneer Character and Ship Sheets by clicking here