Alterkine: Dossier d20 RPG Kickstarter Backer Reward

We are excited to announce that Fabled Environments maps will make up two stretch goals for Alterkine: Dossier d20 RPG!! (This Kickstarter Is Fully Funded!!)

The dossier is a supplement suitable for any d20/Pathfinder Modern or Future campaign. Inside you will find hundreds of ways to customize your character in the world in which you are deposited.

Develop your Talents and play as a member of the occult or a battle hardened warrior, a wanderer of the wastelands or a raving lunatic.

At $1000-We will provide backers with one map from our catalog. This map will be chosen through a current survey and will be given to all backers.

At $1500-We will provide backers with 5 more maps for a total of 6 maps from our current catalog.

Check them out and give them some of your hard earned money! :-)

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