About Us






So…you want to know more about the people behind the Ennie nominated, monumental cartography company, Fabled Environments…as well you should!

Fabled Environments is a cartography studio specializing in modern floor plans and diagrams for Roleplaying Games. The studio is the creation of Charles and Krista White. Both Charles and Krista are available for interview by e-mail, phone, or Skype, and review copies of Fabled Environments titles are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

And now our starting lineup…

Charles White

Charles White has been involved with gaming ever since a high school friend brought a copy of the expert set of Dungeons and Dragons to school one day. Twenty years later, Charles still games on a regular basis and runs a game on occasion. Definitely not the typical gamer, Charles is a seminary graduate and holds two masters degrees, one with a focus in American Church History and the other, an advanced masters, in the area of American Religion and Culture.

Krista White

Krista White is not your typical creator of gaming supplements. In fact, she has never gamed in her life. However, one fateful day over ten years ago she met a bright-eyed handsome gamer and her life was never the same. Krista is an experienced architectural drafter who has worked on many real world projects. In addition, she has a degree in interior design and is a painter, sculptor, and all around crafty kind of gal.